Harry Potter and The Half Blood Prince

"Once again I must ask too much of you, Harry"

  Truer words never spoken. Everyone is asking too much of the poor bastard. To say what I really want to in regards to this movie, first I need to talk about the 'fans' of the books/Harry Potter franchise. These folks tend to have a serious issue with 'movie differences' in the film adaptations of Harry Potter. I think that this is a patently foolish bent to take on any movie that is based on a book. Of course its different, it has to be no more than 3 hours long, and its an adaptation of a like 800 page book. This brings up the question: what is a good movie based on a book? I think that it should capture the theme and style of the book, while maintaining the overall plot. This is just what Half Blood Prince does. It omits things, it restructures in minor ways, but in the end, everything important happens. I don't think anything important was different, there were horcruxes, ron and lavender, then ron and hermione, harry and ginny, and snape blew dumbledore off the high freaking tower.  That being said, now i want to actually talk about the movie!

      David Yates also directed the 5th Harry Potter movie, in my opinion the only one that is a really good movie out of the first 5. Just like Order of the Phoenix, Half Blood Prince is a movie that is composed of sharp, dramatic scenes, strung together one after the other with pretty superior pacing. The effects are stunning, the cinematography is beautiful, and the costume design is markedly improved from earlier installments. My only qualm with the whole experience was the goober who raised an actual wand in the theatre at the end of the movie. The ending was also a bit abrupt, but otherwise I thought this movie surpassed the last in every category. It's worth watching, but its good to take it for what it is. A film adaptation of a book. Not a film reenactment of a book.

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