"How do you save humanity when the only thing that's real is you?"

I'm sure the above is a problem that Bruce Willis has been grappling with for a long time. Despite this hardship, he still seems to be saving humanity just fine. I decided that after The Fifth Element we deserved a look at what Mr. Willis has been doing lately. Evidently pretty much the same thing he was doing back then.

Based on a graphic novel of the same name, surrogates is a story about a world in the near future where everyone lives their lives vicariously through robots that are essentially idealized versions of themselves. Bruce Willis is a cop who is beginning to have doubts about the goodness of the surrogate lifestyle that the world has adopted, and then shit hits the fan.

Visually I was pretty impressed by this movie. They managed to convincingly CG a bunch of individuals to look both super perfect in their surrogate bodies, and alternatively made a bunch of movie stars look absolutely horrible in their 'human' bodies. Aside from that this is a movie that manages to not be TOO obvious, and packs in plenty of Bruce Willis kicking ass and also getting the shit beat out of him, in classic Die Hard fashion.

My biggest problem with this movie isn't actually the movie itself. I have a serious issue with the fucking trailer. I won't link it, but if you watch it and then see the movie you might note something. The end of the trailer uses footage that is essentially the entire climax of the movie. Now you might not remember it, and sure it doesn't necessarily ruin the movie, but still, this movie has plenty of action in it, what possesses you to reveal the very end of a movie?

But that isn't what's most important. The movie is presented stylishly, and presents and engaging plot that actually twists a fair bit. And we still got to enjoy Mr. Willis doing what he does best.

Be Awesome.

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