Just Friends

Low brow comedy at its lowest.
"He loves her. She loves him not."

Welcome back to The Tagline everyone! So sometimes when no particular movie recommends itself, I dig through my DVDs to try and find something acceptable. Now anyone who buys lots of DVDs probably has more than a couple entries that are... less than great movies. Chances are you have at least one or two that are downright shitty, probably bought for you as gag gifts (I know I have Fly Boys because of that, a movie so terrible that it's embarrassing even to have it as a joke. I haven't even watched it, maybe I will some day for you folks). There are other movies though that you have because you like them... but they aren't so good. One such entry in my collection is Just Friends, what would be called a romantic comedy I guess, starring Ryan Reynolds and Amy Smart. I purchased this DVD during the the span of time when I would walk to the Blockbuster by my heart late at night and just buy whatever movie I found that seemed sort of entertaining and cost under ten dollars. That's the story of how I came to own this, but what's it about?

What a cute looking couple am I right?
It's about Ryan Reynolds in a fat suit for starters. Well not in the whole movie but it's a thing that happens. Ryan stars as Chris Brander, a guy who spent his awkward adolescence trapped in the friend zone with Jamie Palamino (Amy Smart). Utterly frustrated with this state of affairs, Chris leaves his hometown in Jersey after graduating, and ends up as a handsome record producer big-shot asshole, using his previous experience to use and abuse every lady that gets within spitting distance; I wish I hadn't said spitting distance. Chris' boss charges him with acquiring super popular and totally mental pop-singer Samantha James (Anna Faris, she was in all those Scary Movies I think? We won't speak of it anymore) who he'd really rather avoid, because she is a complete psycho as mentioned earlier. While flying with her to Paris, she catches the plane on fire, they're forced to ground in Jersey near Chris' hometown, blah blah blah past stuff antics ensue.

Forgiveness, is more than saying sorry.
So the plot is obviously not a great American classic or anything, big deal. This movie is mostly sold for me on the performances of the principals, especially Ryan Reynolds, who is good at being an asshole who is also likable, and can effectively alternate between being cool and being a total spaz. That is the case in this movie, and it's why I like him as an actor. The whole movie isn't comedic gold, but there are definitely moments where I laughed out loud, rather than just smirking and wishing I was watching a funnier movie. Anna Faris also does a fine job being a complete lunatic, who is frightening both for the cast and everyone watching. I hope someone like her doesn't really exist, though I suspect that they totally do, and that makes me sad and afraid.

Maybe this mans finest hour.
Just Friends is a fine example of something that a movie can be if you keep an open mind. It's not a good movie by any stretch of the imagination, but it's certainly one you can enjoy if you let yourself. Sometimes when I work I just like to have something vaguely amusing in the background, and this serves more than adequately. Want to watch Ryan Reynolds get in a fight with some grade schoolers at a hockey rink? Here that is. Anna Faris being tased and thrown over a mall balcony? check. This movie is just dumb enough to work, without being so dumb that you can't even stand watching it. Also Ryan Reynolds in a fat suit singing along to Boys II Men. What more could you want out of life really.

That's all for today! Will there be something this weekend? Maybe. MAYBE GUYS I DON'T KNOW.

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