New Moon Trailer 3: Pectoral Party

So while I was looking at new movies that are out this week, I saw this new trailer for the next movie in the TWILIGHT SAGAAAAAAAAAaaaaaaaaaaaa. behold: The Magic.

       This trailer tells me that good times are on the horizon. Kristin Stewart is looking to still be in top form, and she comes complete with her own pack of badly CGd wolves! I think the thing that struck me most though was the number of topless, rippling dudes in this trailer. They managed to pack like 400 Calvin Klein ads worth of topless man into something like two minutes of video footage. I'll give them this much, the promo guys seem to have a clean grasp of their target demographic. Still I think it makes for an interesting view of this movie. Will we be graced with an almost entirely topless movie? Will any girls be topless? Probably not, but there did seem to be more flesh bared in this trailer than in the entirety of the first movie. I anticipate another 1-2 hours of terrific acting, great directing, and general quality cinema. Three cheers to Stephanie Meyer for brightening up another movie season for me.

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