Spotlight: Movie High School

Is anyone ever in class?
So this is a little bit different from my normal entries, but I was watching Charlie Bartlett and a thought occurred to me. What the fuck is up with movie high schools? I mean, maybe this place really exists, but  I've never been there. In movies, there's always parking right the hell in front of school, and people seem to show up around like noon. Everyone is hanging around outside, and there are lots of places for them to hang out in. Actually it seems like all most everyone does is fucking hang around outside. Now at my school, I actually did get there about a half hour early, because that was when my mom dropped me off. I sure as hell didn't hang around outside though. Two good reasons spring to mind. 1) Most of the school months are pretty cold. 2) it was 6:45 in the morning, so even if it wasn't winter, it was still pretty damned cold. There was a handful of burnouts hanging around sneaking smokes, but mostly they were hanging out away from the school itself. Inside, those people there before school started were grabbing late breakfast, or hiding in the library napping before class started
      Speaking of people driving, all students also seem to be seniors. There are no 13 year olds who look like they should be in elementary school, there are just rebellious looking quirky seniors freaking everywhere.  They spend their time just hanging out and not doing anything else except maybe bullying other kids, or giving therapy and drugs to other students while hanging out in the boys bathroom (see the above picture).
This isn't the best part though. By and far the best part of movie high school is the raging parties and better yet SUPER COOL SCHOOL DANCES. These dances all feature tons of kids dancing, which is how you know it isn't a real dance. Better yet, these are carefully designed elaborately lit dances, with live
Man, my school got screwed for prom.
performances usually by relatively practiced acts. Sometimes these are even FAMOUS PEOPLE. Well I obviously went to the wrong fucking school. My prom was held at a hotel, not in a huge dance club palace where a whole bunch of bands performed live. I'm thinking about complaining to my local board of ed about how i never received any of the things movies tell me I should have. Like a parking space in the school parking lot. I had to park across the street. Bastards.

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